Want your piece of the $9.2 Billion dollar pie? 
In the United States alone, Real Estate Investors spend $9.2 Billion annually on rehab and repairs.

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If you are normal, I think everyone can find ways to spend more money, take that trip to the islands, or get a larger house.  You can do it the hard way, or be like many of us, and do it an easier way.
  • I am an investor, but we all, need your help
Listing your business here,  will enhance your revenue & profits.  Invest a couple of minutes, and I will explain why you should listen to me, as well as why you should list your business to access the 28 million US real estate investor and more from across the globe, who may be investing right now, in own your backyard!

The internet changed everything!

Our world became suddenly smaller, as information from all over the world was brought right into our homes and offices.  Real Estate investors were suddenly able to expand their portfolios by buying properties everywhere, but the problem was finding new contractors to make the repairs in these far away cities.

Real Estate Investing is no longer a "backyard" business

Everyday, from all over the world, investors are looking at deals that may be in your "backyard" and not theirs.  The internet presents real estate to everyone,  Real Estate Investors do not have time to look around, they gather their information, make the deal, and hire the people.  Time is Money.  Your job is critical to their profits.  But you must make it easy to find you, or they will not ever contact you, and you will miss your new neighbors

Who has your money?

You make a living by doing what others cannot do, or do not want to do. Finding who has your money and getting them to give it to you, is the American Dream.  Finding a customer who will give it often, is far better than the once and done customer

Use the right tool when you want the right results.  Heard this before?

It is great to be on Google, and Facebook where people may see your services,  Real Estate Investors look more for referrals.  This is their daily business, and we offer you the referral and connection access to quickly connect you to these real estate investors.  They are not going to search google if they have an easier way, so you have to be where they are, they are not coming to you.

We will be collecting the following information to build your listing profile.

Obviously your company information, including uploading your logo.  
Communications information such as an email, web address, phone
People like to see who they are dealing with, so a point of contact with direct phone, and a place for picture upload
If your business has a license or insurance files you wish to upload for more creditability
We know sometimes you have multiple locations, so we cover that too
and finally... what you guys do!!!  and since some have many professions, you can click all that apply.

How the system works!

Pretty simple.  An investor will go to his form input and enter the city (or zip) or whatever then their are fields for him to select which contractor functions he needs, for example roofer, plumber, lawyer, realtor, appraiser.   On his screen their will be a list, based on a number of factors.  But your information is hyperlinked, so he will make contact directly with you.  No, we do not get paid a commission, if you make money, it is all yours.

Transaction Protection
Also, some of these investors are international, and we all know that no one wants to perform work and not get paid, but the investor normally wants work first, pay later...  We also offer a block chain contract system, the investor and you will enter an agreement with a draw schedule, then we have the investor to move the needed money into our escrow account for disbursement to you.  As you fulfil the draw schedule, and provide photo evidence, we will release the money to you by ACH.  If there is a problem, a board of REIGC investor & contractor affiliates will mediate to insure everyone is treated fairly.

There are many parts to REI Global Connect. this is just one of the many facets.  Stay connected for more fun!
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